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Russian Elites losing their properties to the Ukrainian refugees, says Raab

Dominic Raab, the deputy prime minister of England, has suggested that the properties of the Russian Elites could be seized and hand over to Ukrainian refugees. This was following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. The UK’s strategy appears to be based on trying to cause the whole Russian economy pain, which is why it has focused more on banking, state institutions and companies than individuals so far. The UK government has faced criticism for being too slow in its approach to implementing sanctions against Russian figures and linked assets. ___________________ Do yo


Rees-Mogg investment firm offloads Russian bank shares amid Ukraine tensions:

Avoiding the current chaos in the Moscow Stock Exchange which is rooted in the fact that Vladmir Putin is building a troop to fight the tensions on the Ukraine border. Somerset Capital Management, realised that Sberbank's share value plummeted post the military push. As a result Mr Rees- Mogg advised the firm to cash in their stakes and warns that we must not be in kahoots with Russia and Putin after the poisoning of the officer in 2018 in Salisbury. Interestingly, Reese- Mogg has not worked for the firm in over 10 years , therefore the speculations over the personal benef