The ‘worst’ of the spending cuts have been pushed back well into the next election cycle, the tax raids will begin sooner rather than later – be that on energy generators or on aspirational Londoners. Projections of the UK’s economic performance over the coming years signed off by the Treasury watchdog seem to us more than a tad optimistic. The CBI are right to question whether the Government is paying attention to the ‘growth’ bit of George Osborne’s famed ‘sharing the proceeds of growth’ mantra. Billingsgate will move from Canary Wharf, and Smithfield from Farringdon, to a new super-site in Barking. It’ll create jobs in east London, free up land for 2,000 homes in Canary Wharf, and in the City the area will soon be reimagined.


What is the best plan of action for boosting UK’s economy?

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