December 1, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund Acquires 5% Stake In Nintendo:


This now known to be Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund’s [PIF] biggest investments to date. PIF has acquired a 5.01% stake in Nintendo, stating that the move is for investment purposes. That stake makes it the fifth biggest shareholder of Nintendo. Saudi Arabia’s PIF has been particularly active this year; in February it spent around $1 billion on stakes across two businesses. The bigger chunk was spent on 5% of Nexon, a Korean firm with hugely successful online games.  Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund also has high profile stakes in Activision Blizzard (pending the aforementioned Microsoft takeover), EA and Take-Two, and has generated a lot of headlines in sport due to its purchase of a controlling stake in Newcastle United FC in England, along with its funding of upcoming golf events.


Is this a profitable move ?

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