December 1, 2023

Wandsworth sees the largest volume of £1 million property transaction as buyers desire space:


Wandsworth, London, c1750. East view of Wandsworth, including a windmill, figures and cattle.

Wandsworth has been noted to be over 1/10 of the large transactions which had taken place last year out of a net of approximately 6000 transactions between £1m and £3m across London itself.

This is seen to be the case, due to the fact that there is a bigger proportion of larger family homes and access to green spaces, following the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

This rise in demand for space has led to the regeneration of many areas and thus availability of new housing is increasing near the city. 


Would you move to the buzzing hub for a good price?

Wandsworth sees the highest number of £1m property transactions as buyers desire space (

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