A step up from regenerating houses or pre-existing live – in properties is when  you take a commercial building and convert it into residential. You create more homes than with a flip, but the fundamental principles are the same. The average flip produces profits of just under £50k, whereas a small conversion project is likely to net you between £150k and £500k, depending on its size and location. The budget for commercial flips will also be ten times the size. You can afford to hire a main contractor to take care of the construction rather than a jobbing builder.

The 3 biggest tips are:

  1. Get some recommendations from construction management companies for contractors
  2. Ensure that your project manager is one that you are able work with as you will be spending a lot of time with
  3. Find properties locally as it is more practical and the connections in the local area will often help in the long term


Will you consider taking on these projects?

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